Our Mission

Our mission is to improve health outcomes for infants, children, and adolescents as well as pregnant and postpartum people who are impacted by or living with HIV by evaluating novel treatments and interventions for HIV and its complications for tuberculosis and other related complications.

"Remember & Commit"

On this 35th anniversary of World AIDS Day, we honor the lives of those lost to HIV/AIDS and uplift the resilient and collaborative spirit of all engaged in pursuing an end to the global epidemic.

This year’s theme, “Remember and Commit,” is an opportunity to reflect on the progress made over the past four decades and inspire renewed energy as we approach 2024.

world aids day

Research Areas

The IMPAACT Network is committed to conducting high-quality clinical trials that will advance the prevention and treatment of HIV and its complications for infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant/postpartum people globally. Our research agenda includes four scientific specific aims.



active studies

The IMPAACT Network is always working on many studies at one time in the areas of treatment, tuberculosis, ART-free remission, and complications.

Research Sites

IMPAACT is a global network with sites all over the world in 12 countries.

Map of Sites
52 Sites
12 Countries
4 Continents